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Our Services

Tax Preparation. Financial Reporting. Payroll Processing. Consulting.

Working With Clarke CPA's & Advisors

At Clarke CPA’s & Advisors we offer services that support our firm’s mission to educate clients on how to reduce their tax liability and maximize after tax income. Through tax preparation, financial reporting, payroll processing and consulting.

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Tax Preparation

Our firm offers a full range of tax preparation and filing services for individual and business owners. We prepare federal and state tax returns for individuals and businesses including but not limited to Single-Member LLC, Partnerships, S-Corporations and Corporations.

Financial Reporting

At Clarke CPA’s & Advisors we help all businesses from startups to established companies with financial reporting solutions. If managing the financial activity from your business becomes overwhelming or distracts you from your core business functions, then it is time to outsource to us.

Payroll Processing

Processing payroll means compensating employees for their work. It involves calculating total wage earnings, withholdings, filing payroll taxes, and delivering payments. 


Do you owe back taxes? Are you self-employed and not remitting your tax payments?  Are you currently dealing with an IRS Tax Lien or Levy? Do you owe thousands of dollars in Payroll Taxes? 


Let our experienced staff reduce your stress and tax burden today.

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